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iphone travel app gogobot
APPLICATION NAME & WEBSITE:  Gogobot  http://www.gogobot.com/

DOWNLOAD FROM iTUNES here –> Gogobot

DESCRIPTION:  Plan your next travel adventure with recommendations and tips from people you know and trust.  Share check-ins, tips, ratings and postcards with your network.

PRICE:  Free

SOCIAL SPECS:  Lets you add friends from Facebook and Twitter, plus you may “push” your activities to your Facebook Timeline and/or Twitter feed.

LOCATION SERVICES:  Has “Explore” function to search by location and/or category
iphone travel app gogobot
FUN FACTOR:  You can create and share online postcards with filters and text, like Instagram for travel photos.  You also acquire points as you share and engage in the community.  These points can take you a tourist to an expert on your “Passport”.

DESIGN & INTERFACE:  Clean, intuitive, easy to use.  Loads quickly.

HIGHLIGHTS & TIPS:  I had an issue and tweeted @Gogobot.  They were quick to respond and resolve my issue.


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