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I severely dislike waiting in lines at the airport.

I know you’re not supposed to hate anything, so I’ll say “severely dislike” instead.  I also know that I should look at the bright side and say “Hey- it’s just cool that I’m going somewhere!”, right?   And it is.  It’s just… patience has never been my virtue, and waiting in line is so dull especially when you have a bunch of things to be responsible for…

This is a first-world problem, I know.amtrack logo train

My point is- I got to skip all that internal drama on my first Amtrak train ride.  I’d say it started easily with buying the ticket online, but I didn’t actually buy it- Josh did.  (Thanks, Josh!)  He said it was easy.  Let me know if he’s right.

Because I was riding Business Class, I could have been on the train first.  But, I left my iPhone on a ledge in the station and had to run back in to look for it.  I’m glad I take pictures of everything or I would have been in Bloomington before I realized I didn’t have my electronic baby.

Luckily, someone turned  it in to the Union Station office, and even though the lady behind the desk shook her head at me like she’s never lost anything before- I got it back.   Yesssss!  Thank you, Jesus!  That would have jacked up my weekend.First Amtrak JenTravels

So, I thoroughly  enjoyed all of my first Amtrak train ride.  We boarded quickly, easily and no one looked through my bag, which I liked.  The staff was nice, the carts and seats were spacious and I combined vodka and Frappuccino for the first time ever.  Oh, it’s good.

I was also lucky enough to score a window seat and “Ooo” at the beautiful Midwest landscape at sunset.  It was pretty gorgeous.  I could have done a few more hours of that actually.

In closing- would I ride an Amtrak again?  Yes.  Absolutely.  And so should you.

Question: What was your furthest train ride?