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In researching my craft I often go off on rabbit trails.  There are so many different sites to learn about regarding social marketing and yet- they are all somehow connected.  One thing leads to another and another… It’s both frustrating and enthralling that I’ll never catch up.

Soo… suffice it to say- rabbit trails happen.  Today I was looking at my Klout score, which brought me to Bing analytics which brought me to WordPress.com, where I host this site.  Follow me?

What I like about WordPress hosting is that although I have less options as far as themes, I am totally in control of my website.  No html coders can tell me something will take weeks to fix, change or update ever again.  (That’s a story for another time.)Untitled drawing

So while clicking around in the backend of my site, I saw an embedded function called “Audio Posts”.  Ooo.  I have been so in love with the audio-to-text function on my iPhone 4S, I jumped at the chance to say more and type less.  (And this is why my outgoing text messages have become longer and more frequent.)

So- audio posts… I like ’em.  It doesn’t script-to-text, like I was expecting (like Siri), but still… It’s pretty cool.  It embeds an audio player into your post.  I left the first audio post untouched, so you could see how “bare bones” the post comes out.  But if people like and trust you- they may listen anyway.

Still, in the future, I’m sure I will go back to edit each audio post with script, photo, tags, excerpts…  Google can’t rank what it doesn’t know, so I have to go back in to make the post searchable and relevant.  The hardest part of video, writing and blogging is the details.  (Note to self: Look into virtual assistants)
Do you like my mustache?
So, though it’s still a lot of work to optimize, it could be the perfect solution for people whom I want to interview but are “weird” about being on video.  (That’s another post too.)  Instead, we can just talk into my iPhone, like we’re talking to another friend that couldn’t be there.  No deer-in-headlights here.

And since every post needs a good visual aid (lest Pinterest have nothing to “pin”, I’ll embed an Instagram or Flickr picture of the speaker or relevant image.  Next thing you know I’ve got a whole podcast thing going on using this very simple tool.  Simple.  I love it.

It’s like I said… More traveling and fun.  Less typing.

Done and done.

What tools make your life easier when you’re traveling?