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iphone travel app foursquare
APPLICATION NAME & WEBSITE:  Foursquare  https://foursquare.com/

DESCRIPTION:  Share and save the places you visit with your friends and people with similar tastes

PRICE:  Free

GET IT:  Foursquare on iTunes

SOCIAL SPECS:  Lets you add friends from Facebook and Twitter, plus you may “push” your activities to your Facebook Timeline and/or Twitter feed.

LOCATION SERVICES:  Has “Explore” function to search by location and/or category
iphone travel app foursqare

FUN FACTOR:  You can become “The Mayor” of a venue if you check-in the most and sometimes the venue has a special prize for Your Honor.  Get cool badges, compete with your friends and get useful tips.  You can create a “Page” for your business.

DESIGN & INTERFACE:  Clean, intuitive, easy to use.  Loads quickly.

HIGHLIGHTS & TIPS:  Look for check-in deals before you order or while you are scouting venues..  You could be rewarded for checking in.

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