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On a daily basis we are bombarded with choices and options and chances to use new muscles.  The opportunities have presented themselves even more so now that I seeks new experiences and travel with a fervor.  They say you tend to see what you want to see.  And I want to see myself in circumstances that challenge me.  That make me flex, if you will.

So when the invitation was extended for a day of boating on Lake Austin, I jumped at the chance.  Granted, I was a little late because I was waiting at the wrong rendezvous location, but I was almost on time and I want points for that.  Pat’s friends, Darlene and Tony brought their very cool kids and we all had the option to tan, tube or wakeboard.

For me, there was never a question in my mind as to if I would wakeboard.  Of course I would.  Whether I could get out of the water or not.  Whether I got a wedgie or not.  Whether I would be in a world of pain the next day… ahem, or not.  Eye of the Tiger.  Let’s do this.

One of the things that I’ve noticed about myself is that there’s a whole lot of commentary going on in my head at any given moment.  “Voices” are agreeing and disagreeing, reminding me this and that, asking questions that have no relevance to anything I’m seeing or doing.  But I’m used to it.  I’m cool with it.  And as I wait for my shot at wakeboarding glory…

You can do it!  You got this!

Come on!  Those kids did it.  Dude- are you gonna let those kids show you up?

Just focus.  Power.  Focus.  Focuuuusss….

Ugh.  I just fell again!  Be quiet!  I am focusing!  I’m probably focusing too hard.  I’m gonna try to relax instead…

Yes- relax!  Reeee-laaaaax… Hey- don’t get too relaxed.  A little relaxed.  And also a little focused.

Just visualize being the ball…  I’m the ball.  I am the ball.

I’m the ball… until I get up and then I’m 60% and 40% on my legs.  Or is that 40% and 60%?  Or…

And then… I’m up!  The crowd goes wild!  And I’m so proud of myself.  And it’s scary.  And I’m gonna fall soon and that’s gonna suck a little.  But this moment is so worth it.  It’s freedom, and it’s exhilaration and it’s overcoming failure… and enumerable other inspirational metaphors.  Woo-hoo!   And it’s a little slice of awesome.

Until… I plant my face into the water.

Actually, that was kind of awesome too.  A different kind of awesome.  (see video)


All and all, it was a beautiful day for using new muscles.  Both physical and metaphysical.

And apparently, today is a good day for shuffling around like a 90-year-old that just went wakeboarding.  I am so sore.  But it’s a good sore.  It’s a “I did something” sore. Yep.  I used new muscles and I’m that much stronger for it.  So when I’m traveling to some far off land and they ask me to try something that will use new muscles of my body or mind, I will be ready.  I will be ready because I will have been practicing.

TALK TO ME… What new muscles have you used lately?