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There are some things that I can always count on to make me smile…  a sale on summer dresses, Amy’s Ice Cream and Mark Walberg.

The awesome thing about Amy’s ice cream is that, unlike summer dresses- it always fits and unlike Mark Walberg- there’s never a super long line to wait for it.  Because, at least in Austin, the locations are plentiful while both the flavors and the staff do their part to engage, entertain and “Keep Austin Weird.”

Though I am very much a creature of habit, I always try at least 2 new flavors from the eclectic array at Amy’s.  And then- I order what I have always ordered… Mexican Vanilla with Fresh Strawberries.

As the sprightly ice cream artists pound the ice cream into a “crush-in” submission- I wait with anticipation to see how the final product will make it into the bowl.  This placement usually involves some sort of aerial landing and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them miss.  (see video)

You can tell the kids working here like their job and even take pride in giving warm Austin welcomes to customers as they ask about and try- a million different flavors before settling on their custom-made, fabulous creation for the day.

From light yogurt to decadent toppings, Amy’s Ice Cream makes everyone happy.  And that’s why it’s on my “Must Do” list when vacationing, traveling through or living in Austin, TX.

“Rich people can be eccentric. The rest of us can be weird.”  ~ Frank Zuppo